Day 8 – Ede, Scherpenzeel, Nijkerk, Putten, Ermelo, Barneveld

Today (24 november) was a trip we looked forward to for weeks. We were going to visit Barneveld, and for us a visit to Barneveld means that we are eating spare ribs :) But first we had to visit some other municipalities.


The day started cloudy, but dry. Even before we got through the first city, I had already lost my father and sister, in the busy traffic of Nijmegen. Beforehand we discussed the route a bit, although apparently there was some some misunderstanding. This resulted in them going via the highway, whereas I wanted to see some local scenery. After waiting quite a bit to see if they would follow, I returned and went for the highway as well. In the end I found them, and we went for the local routes all the same.

The villages we crossed where really crowdy, as Sinterklaas is coming up, and everything is buying the presents already. Fortunately, the town hall of Ede is outside the city centre.

The work of art is called Samen (“together”), as the two ‘ellipses’ are actually one line.

Municipality: Ede
Location of town hall: Ede


Next stop is the municipality Scherpenzeel.

The town hall is located completely remote from the towns it governs. From the size of the building you would expect that there many people work here, however there is only one parking spot for board members:


Municipality: Scherpenzeel
Location of town hall: Scherpenzeel


The city is actually quite nice, however, wherever you look, there is one giant factory ruining the view. My first impression of Nijkerk’s town hall was that it resembles a coffin, both in shape, aswell was having sleek curtains along the sides.

Right next to the new town hall is the former town hall. Albeit not the nicest town hall either, it at least “feels” like a town hall.

A funny fact about Nijkerk is that numerous early explorers of the new world were from Nijkerk. They helped building Nieuw Nederland (nowadays known as New York). Schenectady was one of places founded by Arent van Corlaer from Nijkerk, in 1662. To this date, the municipality Nijkerk still has political relations with the city as a twin town.

Municipality: Nijkerk
Location of town hall: Nijkerk


In the Dutch Wikipedia on Putten there is this interesting story about a case of radioactive contamination in Putten in january 1958. Apparently, during a treatment in the hospital, a needle head with radium stayed in a 5 year old girl’s nose. At home, the girl threw up, and the vomit was thrown into the fire. Later, the ashes were scattered over their garden. This caused all their grown vegetables to be contaminated as well, leading up to the whole family being contaminated in the end. The garden was completely dug up, and together with the fire stove, packed up in concrete. The Royal Navy dropped the package into the sea.

Municipality: Putten
Location of town hall: Putten


In an earlier post I already looked at the etymology behind the suffix “-lo”. In the first reference to Ermelo, the place was called Irminlo. “Irmin” can mean something like divine or exalted. Nowadays there seems to be more heath than forest.

Municipality: Ermelo
Location of town hall: Ermelo


Finally the municipality for today, as it was getting dark already. Barneveld is famous for its poultry-breeding and trading. That’s why I think it is a bit ironic to go there for spare ribs :)

The national egg price is determined in Barneveld. Even the light rail connection that goes through Barneveld is called the “chicken connection”. Go figure.

It proved to be virtually impossible to make a decent picture of the former town hall. To get the whole town hall in frame, I had to walk into this alley, but with 14feet, the alley just wasn’t long enough. Anyway, you get the idea:

Municipality: Barneveld
Location of town hall: Barneveld

km: 186
km total: 1791
done: 6 (40)
to to: 375

Day 8

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Ede: 52.045654, 5.674996
Ermelo: 52.300854, 5.618056
Nijkerk: 52.226078, 5.482864
Putten: 52.261475, 5.607576
Scherpenzeel: 52.081234, 5.469689
Barneveld: 52.139698, 5.586285
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