Visualising the location of town halls

Earlier I only maintained personal Google Maps maps to visualise the locations of town halls and to keep track of town halls I visited already. Although you can give the pins different colours, and you can add notes to the marked points, it proved difficult to create hierarchical maps that are easy to maintain.

With the WordPress plugin Maps Marker it is also not possible to create a hierarchical structure of aggregated maps. But he advantage of the plugin is that I can now create a map per day, and adding it to a province is just a matter of ticking a checkbox.

Another great functionality is that it can create rich-content bubbles for each marker. A plugin I tried earlier (Comprehensive Google Map plugin) does not allow html code in the bubbles, nor is there any functionality to add pictures in the bubbles. Maps Marker allows for richer content in the bubbles. If you click on a marker of a visited town hall, it shows the corresponding blog entry (for that municipality) and the photos.

Although the search functionality of this blog works quite nice, reading the entries for municipalities in the marker bubbles allows for a non-linear browsing experience. Try it out on:

Day 2

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Ubbergen: 51.830135, 5.921803
Millingen aan de Rijn: 51.864101, 6.046606
Oude IJsselstreek: 51.877575, 6.375270
Aalten: 51.926998, 6.581422
Winterswijk: 51.968979, 6.714792
Oost Gelre: 51.988110, 6.563269
Doetinchem: 51.963062, 6.292366
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icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
Millingen aan de Rijn
icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
Oude IJsselstreek
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icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
icon-car.png Fullscreen-Logo KML-Logo
Oost Gelre
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For other examples of maps click on the province entries in the menu bar at the top of the site. A map can also be found at the end of each trip log.

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